Tuesday, March 01, 2005

No Regrets

Jason and I were talking the other day and it dawned on me that it’s already been a full month since I quit my job. Time sure flies when you are having a good time! Let’s see, in the past month, I’ve signed up at a cooking school for cooking, bread making, and patisserie lessons; gone on two weekend skiing trips; started doing bit-translation jobs; worked out 13 out of the 28 days (not including skiing and tennis); and generally had a merry good time. I can truly say, after one month, that there are absolutely no regrets.

Sometimes I do miss my ex-colleagues. I’ve always maintained that they are a very friendly bunch. When I left, they insisted on giving me a farewell party even though due to the very short notice I gave them, it had to be held after I left the company. Besides the huge bouquet of flower, I also received this lovely lacquer music jewelry box from my department. It’s from an area of Japan famous for lacquer ware and plays the tune of Sakura. Isn’t it stunning?

Two other colleagues who are close to me gave me this lovely basket, which I am using for flower arrangement.

I also got this cute little potted cactus from another colleague. Kawaii deshou!

Still, no regrets!


Hsin said...

Haha. Somehow I figured there'd be no regrets. You've been keeping yourself busy indeed and I'm sure Jason's not complaining either by your happy disposition. Don't think you'll be looking back at your decision any time soon!

Lynn said...

Yeah, the most signigicant change is how much happier I am now. Jason also enjoys the lunch box that I pack for him now and then. Looking back, I don't know why I waited so long to quit.