Monday, March 14, 2005

Like Mother like daughter

I have an annoying habit of only being able to sleep in absolute darkness. Even the dim green light emitting from some digital alarm clocks installed into the headboard in some business hotels throws me off. So I have to wear an eye-mask to bed. I recently discovered that Libby hates light when she sleeps just as much as I do. Isn't that unusual in a dog?

Look at her trying to stick her head under the coffee table to escape from the bright light. Maybe I should make her a doggie eye-mask ;oP


Tomoko said...

That is sooooo cute!!! I guess dogs are just the same as human!

Lynn said...

Yeah, Libby's definitely becoming more and more like a human as she ages.

Hsin said...

I think she thinks she's a human, which would explain why she is more human-friendly than dog-friendly.

By the way, I'll be knocking on your door more often once we're back. Sara's taken to our dog at home, but he's a little wierd and is known to bite, so I keep her away. I think Libby would be a lovely first real encounter for her.

Lynn said...

Any time, Hsin-li. Sara is such a calm little girl I'm sure Libby will have no problem getting along with her.