Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Pierre Herme – Desire

This is the second of my Pierre Herme series. As I mentioned in the first entry, I plan to eat all of his creations, or whatever is deemed worthy for sale at his Tokyo Aoyama store, one at a time. What I didn’t realize was how complicated it was to time these tasting events. Several factors are in play. First, I must not choose a day when I have homemade dessert waiting in the fridge (very rare these days since I’m taking cooking lessons twice a week). Second, I must purchase the PH dessert at a reasonably early hour to have ample natural lighting so I can photograph these pieces or edible art under optimal conditions. Third, it must be on a sunny day, for the same reason mentioned above. When you combine all these factors, and throw in the days when what I’m making for dinner simply doesn’t measure up to PH’s caliber, we’ve got an almost three-week gap between the first and the second tasting. But alas, the perfect day for another PH masterpiece finally came.

This time, I bought a piece from his 2005 Spring collection called Desire.

Don't you feel the desire just by looking at it? I love how the silky dome of lemon cream glistens under the light and oozes fresh flavors of spring before you even taste it. Hidden underneath the milky white cream is a layer of bright red strawberry jelly. The combination of strawberry and lemon is heavenly enough, but to tame the tartness, a layer of sweet banana cream is added for good measure. Then, to counter all the soft-textured creams and jelly, a flaky tart crust on the bottom provides a welcoming contras. It’s the perfect harmony of flavor and texture.

Oh, and let’s not forget the cut strawberry laid at an perfect angle on top of the creamy dome of desire either. A masterpiece in the art of dessert presentation indeed.

Jason was very impressed with it and kept on asking if I could reproduce it at home. Oh honey, while I am immensely flattered by your confidence in my patisserie skills, I regret to tell you that the closest I could get to this tour de force was probably putting the lemon cream, the strawberry jelly, and the bananas in a bowl and stir in some cut strawberries. Now that just wouldn’t be the same, would it?


Rachel said...

Aha, I was just about to nag you about this, certain you'd been enjoying all sorts of Herme confections without sharing the experience(s)!

Lynn, don't sell yourself short. I have every confidence in your ability to recreate equally delicious pastries. Go for it!

Lynn said...

Now now, you know I wouldn't hold back from you. I promise to be more deligent in the future.

keiko said...

Lynn - just one at a time? I could go three at least! Look forward to the next round. I didn't know you take the cookery course twice a week, that's more than enough for me... As Rachel said, I'm sure you can make lovely desserts like Herme's, so go for it!

Lynn said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Keiko =o)

The reason for the "one at a time" rule is my memory problem, the bane of my existence and the title of this blog. Sometimes I can't even remember what I had for lunch, so if I have three of these at one go, they'll just all blend into each other as a giant blur =o(

Anonymous said...

lynn, I am a devoted PH fan, and am so excited to find you! The last time I was lucky enough to taste his creations, was eight years ago at Fouchens in Paris. Please keep up the great tasting, so we can live vicariously through you. Vicky

jj said...

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