Friday, March 04, 2005

10' 40"

I did a practice run for my kitsuke test next week and clocked in at 10 minutes and 40 seconds to put on my kimono and tie the obi into this.

I am allowed to do all the prep work first, before the timer is started, such as setting up the obi and laying out all the necessary strings and whatnot in the order they will be used.

My sensei said 10 minutes and 40 seconds is good for a first try. I just need to shave off that 40 seconds for the test, some how. AND, when I go on to the next level, I have to be able to do this in five minutes. Yeah, right!


Hsin said...

So this is how you have "tests" at your kimono class. I was wondering. Honestly, though, how quickly do you think those obachans out there take? What's the rush to do it in 5 minutes anyway??

Lynn said...

Actually, my friend who runs her family kimono store says it only takes her 30 minutes every morning to get dressed, including hair and make-up. Takes practice I guess.