Thursday, June 15, 2006

Water Water Everywhere

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere as wet as Hong Kong in my life. On top of the almost constant rain for the past month, water is literally coming out of thin air! Don’t believe me? Here’s how.

Almost as soon as we arrived in Hong Kong, everyone started warning us about the humidity in Hong Kong and how everything is susceptible to mold. A dehumidifier seems to be THE must-have item, so we duly purchased one. The water tank is 4L and on average I empty it twice a day. A week later, we found that all the clothes in the closet feel damp to the touch, so we buy another dehumidifier for the clost. This one runs 24/7 as well and with the smaller water tank (about 3L), I sometimes get 2.5 tanks a day. That’s a total of 15L of water per day! I wish there was some way I could use this water, because, doesn’t it feel wasteful to just pour it down the drain? With the water shortage in Hong Kong, you’d think someone would’ve thought of a way to take advantage of this “natural resource.” As for us, we’ve gotten a third dehumidifier to put in the kitchen, to keep the cork coasters and brown bagged flour from going moldy.