Sunday, January 16, 2005

Icy Icy Rain

After a glorious week of sunshine and warm temperature, we were supposed to get snow this past weekend. Not exactly my choice, but still better than the two days of freezing rain in place of snow. And the thing about having a dog is that she doesn’t see why rain should stop you from taking her for a walk. She cut down her yard patrol at home, but that’s totally unrelated to taking a walk in the rain, now is it?

Sunday afternoon, after being asked for the thousandth time, we finally dragged our lazy asses out of our warm apartment and put on rain pants to take Princess Libby for a walk. We went to the gingko boulevard. Somehow, the last image I have of this place is when all the leaves were golden yellow.

Now they look like this. A very depressing sight indeed, but at least Princess Libby was happy; wet fur, muddy paws and all.

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