Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Blind Men's Elephant

You guys all know the story of the three blind men and the elephant, right? It goes something like this:

Three blind men wanted to find out what an elephant looks like. They each went up to it and felt it with their hands.

The first blind man touched the elephant’s trunk and said: “It looks like a giant snake.”
The second blind man touched the elephant’s leg and said: “No, it looks like a tree.”
The third blind man touched the elephant’s body and said, “No, you are both wrong. It looks like a wall.”

This is exactly what went on in both of the 2-hr meetings I attended yesterday. Nobody knew exactly what he was talking about but everyone was pretty sure with his own assumptions. I just sat back and day dreamed.


Hsin said...

I remember meetings like that. Everyone thinks they know exactly what's going on, and no one listens to anyone. Just as unproductive is shuffling from meeting to meeting hashing and re-hashing the same information. Ah yes, I do not miss the hum drum of life in a corporation.

Lynn said...

Some people thrive on meetings but I am definitely not one of them. And every single meeting is scheduled for at least 2 hours, even if we finish discussing it in the first 15 minutes, it still gets dragged on for two hours.