Monday, January 24, 2005

Ski trip to Tsumagoi

We went to Karuizawa and Tsumagoi for ski trip last weekend. Despite the accident, we (all four people and one dog) managed have lots of fun.

This is Libby with a snow covered mouth.

And this is Asama-yama, the volcano that erupted last year spreading ashes all the way to Tokyo, covered in snow.

For more pictures, click here


Hsin said...

Lovely pix!! Looks like a real winter wonderland. Doesn't Libby get cold sitting on all that snow? And what do you do with her while you guys ski?

Rachel said...

Wow, that photo of the volcano is so beautiful, Lynn!

Lynn said...

Jason takes credit for taking that photo (it was pre-accident, so I was still driving). We took it while driving on this so-called Japan Romantic toll-road, and there was nowhere for you to stop. They charge you 620yen for that little section that can't be more than 5km.

Libby either has no nerve ending on her stomach or she gets too excited about snow she doesn't notice the coldness. After her frisbee session, she had ice blobs attached to the fur on her tummy!

She sleeps in the car while we ski, and we come back to her during lunch. We think she enjoys the snow and would rather wait in the car than be left at home in Tokyo with Sonia. Plus, she's used to it by now.