Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine’s Day Part 2: Lack of Planning

I woke up on Valentine’s day aching all over, from the three days of skiing over the weekend. Damn, I am getting old. Then came the realization that it is in fact Valentine’s day and neither of us has thought ahead to make a dinner reservation. Of course, being Valentine’s day and Tokyo, any self-respecting restaurant would have been booked out months in advance. Oh well, I will just make something for dinner and have a quiet evening at home.

I didn’t drag my sorry and aching ass (thanks to the snowboarders who crashed into me) out of bed until well past ten, and wasn’t functioning until noon, at which time Jason called to make sure that I wasn’t expecting a surprise dinner. I assured him that I am not delusional and have long given up hoping for surprises from him.

After reassuring him that I would cook Valentine’s dinner, I turned to Epicurious.com to look for things to make. Since time was short, I quickly settled on a simple fish dish and a rice pilaf, which will enable me to use the dry apricot that I bought on our ski trip this weekend. For dessert, I chose a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, which I will cut down and make in my super cute 4” springform pan.

Everything settled and shopping list in hand, I set out to take Libby for a walk before going to the grocery store. After a major delay , I finally started dinner preparation around 6pm.

The fish and pilaf turned out ok, but the dessert was a different story.

Due to the short time-frame, I didn’t have time to let the cake cool long enough before taking it out of the pan, and as a result, the cake broke up right in the middle.

For what it’s worth, all the taste is still there and the white chocolate and raspberry flavor complimented each other really well. Of course, knowing Saab-chan is sleeping safely at home made it extra sweet.

I think it was a nice ending for our Valentine’s Day 2005.
(Please ignore the lack of table coordination. Didn’t I say I was short on time?)


Karen said...

But it tasted good? That's what matters most.

Lynn, I'm not sure if anyone tagged you yet but I did .

Hsin said...

Haha. Jason called you to make sure you weren't expecting a surprise?? How long have you been married? Is this what I am to expect? Then again, Danny and I don't surprise each other. It's just not in our make up. No romantic date for us this Valentine's, but hopefully one this weekend. Cheaper and less crowded.

Lynn said...

Uh-oh, Karen, I actually only listen to music on long-haul drives, and haven't bought a CD in ages, but I'll try.

Yes, Hsin, five years and we've come to this. I guess he wanted to make sure there was going to be dinner that night ;oP

rowena said...

What a delicious looking post! I followed all of the links that you listed, as everything here looks like something I'd like to try. That 4" springform is on my list of things to buy as well. I lament the fact that I can only find large sizes here!

Lynn said...

Yes Rowena, the possibilities that came with the 4" pan for a two-people household is endless. I hope you find yours too!