Monday, November 01, 2004

The Nikko Curse

Path next to Chuzenji Lake

Sometimes some places just refuse to cooperate. Be it Mt. Fuji who refuses to show itself from behind the clouds, or a specific restaurant that stubbornly remains fully booked every single time you try to go. We have the Nikko curse. Never had much luck with it: cancelled trip due to typhoon; freezing weather; crazy bus driver; buses running late; being stuck in a smoking cart on a train for two hours, etc. But when our trip to Niigata had to be cancelled due to the recent earthquake, Nikko came up as an alternative. Since we’ll be going with a bunch of other people, I thought, maybe the curse will be diluted by the luck of other people, if not completely lifted.

First thing to go wrong was the navigator on our rent-a-van. It flat-out refused to work. Then in the middle of hiking on Saturday, it started to rain. But that was the extent of things that went wrong, we even made the 7:15pm deadline to return our rental car. Not too bad at all. Maybe I can even consider the curse lifted?

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Autumn Collors


Hsin said...

Oooooo... the autumn colours look beautiful! Perhaps this is really the end of the Nikko curse. Navi failure and a little rain can't compare to a full-scale typhoon.

Lynn said...

I know, Nikko really does live up to its reputation. Can you believe this is the first time we've ever seen Nikko in its autumn glory, albeit the tail-end of it? Maybe better luck from now on.