Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My Picky Dog

Do other dogs get pickier as they age? Mine certainly does. She used to gulp down her food so fast I was afraid she would choke. Ok, maybe having Jack constantly eyeing her food was the main factor. But now, it takes her forever to finish a meal, and she always insists on company while she eats. Don’t even think about setting the food dish down in the kitchen and go back to watching TV. If I want to watch TV while Princess Libby eats, I’d have to move her to the living room with me. However, this only applies to dry dog food, which leads me to think that it just may be that she’s too lazy to chew?

Look at these delicious homemade dog cookies. They are made of 100% whole-wheat flour, with a healthy dose of beef and carrots added. When they were baking in the oven, Jason mistook the wonderful aroma for a meat dish and asked what we were having for dinner. Libby used to love them when I last made them for her when she was about 3 years old. Now, three years later (I know, I am ashamed to admit that I hadn’t baked her anything for three years) she has completely lost interest. When I gave one to her, she dropped it on the floor, looked at it, and then looked back up at me to see if I had anything better to offer. Only after making sure that there wasn’t any steak coming her way did she turn her attention back to the cookie. And she ate it reluctantly, like she was only doing it to please me. What really bothered me was that she didn’t even chew it, like a dog is supposed to. After breaking it into two pieces, she swallowed each half whole! Why can’t my own dog appreciate my cooking? Could it be because she just didn't want to chew it?Maybe next time I should try making doggie cakes and see what her reaction would be.


Hsin said...

You bake doggie cookies - I'm impressed. If not for the fact that I'm suspicious of commercial baby food, I wouldn't be bothered to cook for Sara. At least Libby had the decency to eat them (albeit half-heartedly) for your sake. Our dogs back home hated doggie biscuits and always insisted on hot dinners - rice with meat shavings. Occasionally, they got to dine on leftovers from my mom's powerful Chinese soups (herbs, pork bones and all).

Lynn said...

Lucky dogs! Before all the mad cow cases came out in Japan, they used to sell beef bones and I always threw one in for my soups. And libby LOVED sucking the marrow out. I hope that didn't give her BSE.