Friday, October 29, 2004

All I Want for Xmas is My Baby's Two Front Teeth

Her two front teeth, her two front teeth
Gee, if I could only have her two front teeth
Then I could wish you, "Merry Christmas"

I am such a bad mummy (dejected sigh).
My baby has lost another front tooth and I don't even know when!

She broke one of her upper front teeth a long time ago, but just this week, I noticed that another one is broken clean in half. It had to have been within this week because last week when I checked it was still intact. But when did she do that? Could it be from the bones that I gave her to chew? (unlike most dogs who chew bones with molars, she likes to nip on them with her front teeth) Or did it happen when she try to catch a frisbee? Although I can maybe get away with not feeding her bones, I cannot stand to take away the frisbee from her! It's only her second favorite activity, next to swimming, and I already don't take her swimming enough.

Science Diet, what are you not doing enough to strenghen the teeth of my baby?!


Mimi said...

poor wibby :(
i think you should still let her enjoy her things. i think she wouldn't mind just as long she is doing the things she loves most.

Cal the Wonderdog said...

Hi Lynn, my human says that Science Diet is not the best from his experience. It seems to have caused problems for the dog that lived in this house before I was born. Kaiya (that was her name) the Samoyed ended up with diabetes and pancreas problems and my humans think it may have been due (at least in part) to that food.

I eat Diamond puppy food, it's delicious and its what all the Collie owners around here feed their dogs. Anyway just thought I should mention that to you.

BTW, your baby is beautiful, I wish she could play in my back yard sometime. But (sigh) you are on the other side of that big ocean that I want to swim in someday.

Bye for now,

Lynn said...

Thanks, Cal. I know, another friend of mine told me the same thing. But Princess Libby is extremely picky about her food and goes on hunger strikes when she gets tired of her food. So when I find a food she eats, I stick to it. But she seems to be losing interest in Science Diet, so maybe it's the perfect chance to introduce some other brands to her.