Sunday, October 24, 2004

Garfield the Cat

This is Tama-chan, a very fat yellow tabby often seen near my office where he suns himself. Am not entirely sure if he belongs to anyone, but I have heard the owner of a clothing store call him “Tama-chan.” Tama means ball in Japanese and I think it’s a very suitable name for him.

Anyway, has anyone seen the Garfield movie or the preview of it? Why did they have to use a computer-generated cat that doesn’t even really look like Garfield, when there is Tama-chan? Tama-chan not only looks like Garfield, but from what I can tell, also has the same personality. I have never seen him in any activities other than sleeping and eating. And even his facial expressions remind me of Garfield, especially when he puts up with passersby who pet him.

Tama-chan, you could’ve been a Hollywood star, if not for those slack-off casting scouts who were too lazy to look. But then again, knowing Tama-chan, he couldn't care less about fame and fortune, as long as he has a warm bike seat to sleep on and a hearty meal when the sun goes down.

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Chao said...

That's my cat. Thanks for the sorting thing. I couldn't find some the ones I read before, and found some thing I never knew existed. I’ve not read anything for pleasure (book, newspaper …) this year beside your stuff.