Thursday, June 23, 2005

Happy Birthday Libby

My sweet Libby turned seven today. That’s 49 in human years! (But according to this, her real age is only 32. Yes, I’m a compulsive test taker.)

There’s a Chinese saying that goes something like this “a girl goes through eighteen changes before she becomes a woman” (女大十八变). I kowtow to this because it so accurately applies not only girls, but girl dogs also.

This was Libby at the tender age of 8 weeks, waiting for her vaccination shots at the vet’s office. She came home with us on that day and we nicknamed her “FeiFei,” which means chubby in Chinese (肥肥).

She outgrew her chubbiness and cuteness at an astonishing speed and became a gangly teenager who seemed all legs, with no meat on her bones. She stayed skinny for two more years, even after coming to Japan with us (we got her while living in Singapore).

Thank goodness she realized pretty soon that she needed to grow more fur to combat Tokyo’s cold winter and was soon sporting some serious fluff, especially in the nether regions. I thought the new furrier look suits her immensely and she can finally be called a beauty. Or is her beauty only in the eyes of one doting owner?

Well, regardless of what she looks like, we still think the world of her, and here’s to another seven years of swimming

snow eating

Frisbee catching



socializing, singing, cat chasing, and just being a really cool dog!


Hsin said...

Way to go!! Tribute to dear Libby. At 49, she's a distinguished lady who knows what she wants, gets what she wants and won't stand for nonsense! Happy birthday girl!

Karen said...

Oh, look at that cute puppy pic! She looks so forlorn, as if worried about her shots: "Will it hurt? I hope it doesn't, I'll be a good little puppy if it doesn't." Cuuuttteee! Looks so cuddly! Hehehe!

Happy birthday Libby-doggie!

keiko said...

Oh Lynn, this is such a lovely post (I'm almost crying)... Libby is a very very happy dog, happy birthday.

Lynn said...

Hsin-li, she definitely knows which buttons to push!

Karen, I think she was feeling very insecure in that photo. First time to leave her real mommy and siblings. The world is so big!

Keiko, don't laugh, but my eyes got all misty when I was going through all the pictures.

Milan said...