Friday, December 17, 2004

Technical Matters

Only recently after browsing through some other people's blogs did I realize the lack of extra features on my blog template. Essential things such as Links is prominantly missing. So I decided to upgrade my template.

Searching blog's add-ons yielded free downloads of web counters and message boards. In an effort to create a fully-loaded blog, I decided to install them. The webcounter never worked for some reason, but the message board seems ok.

Next step was to add some links, but again, blog's suggested code didn't work. So I went to my friend Hsin-li's blog and stole her source code. Now I have a very short link section, yippy!

I also want to categorize my blog entries, divide up my profile to include Jason and Libby, so on and so forth. So many things to do but so little time!


Rachel said...

Ooooh, I want to know how to steal source codes too! How'd you do it?

And by the way, so far, Blogger does not have a way of categorizing posts. But if you find a hack or figure out a way around that, I would really--I mean REALLY--like to know, please.

Hsin said...

Yeah, how do you steal source codes??

Been meaning to re-tinker with my blog, but haven't found time to do it. Goodness, I'm not even blogging as much as I used to, much less tinker with the layout.

Lynn said...

It's easy. Just right-click on the webpage that you want to steal from, and select "View Source." Then you'll get a whole page of code. The challenge is to locate what you need from all that jumble.

Not sure about the ethical aspect of this though.

Rachel said...

Oh my god, is that all you have to do?? Jeez.

Thanks for the tip, Lynn!