Tuesday, December 14, 2004

In the Spotlight

Last week, after coming back from a business trip, I went into Allrecipes.com to look for something to cook, and what do I see on the top page but a picture submitted by yours-truly. On closer look, I discovered that my photo gallery has been featured on the “What’s New” section! Allrecipes.com, my cooking bible, featured moi on their front page!

“I would like to thank Allrecipes.com for giving me this chance to showcase my food pictures. It is such an honor just to have my username mentioned. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people whom I have subjected to my cooking. Thank you for being my guinea pigs! Most of all, I thank my husband, whose uncompromising taste buds and vehement objection to eating the same thing every week inspired me to be the best cook I can be…… (blah blah blah blah blah)

But alas, fame is so short-lived (one week). By the time you read this blog, the link to my photo gallery has already been removed. However, you can still look at the photos by going to the following page:


Hsin said...

Ah Lynn, I managed to catch your two seconds of glory on the home page of Allrecipes.com. Very impressive. You are my inspiration, even though I haven't acted on that inspiration yet. But one day. One day I will learn how to cook/bake properly. Till that day comes, I will still rely on instant mixes...

Lynn said...

Instant mixes are great. I must confess that I still use them for brownies. I did try making it from scratch, but it's not that much different from a good mix, and Jason can't tell the difference, so I save myself the trouble :)