Friday, April 15, 2005

Inexplicable Fashion Trend Part Deux

Along with the half pants of awkward length, another disturbing trend this spring is the cardigan worn backwards, as demonstrated by this lovely young lady.

The first time I saw one, I thought the person had somehow managed to contort her head all the way back (me and my astigmatic eyes). I hoped this was just one single girl’s idea of creative dressing, but knowing how Japanese fashion works, I braced myself for more. Not surprisingly, everywhere I turn my head, there’s another one.

Do they find comfort in wearing their clothes the same way they did their kindergarten smock? Does it bring back childhood memory of being pampered and taken care of? Or are they recently released from a long hospital stay and had gotten so used to tying on the hospital gown in the back that they have yet to adjust to wearing clothes the normal way? Or maybe it’s a new way of incorporating yoga into every aspect of their lives: twist while getting dressed!

Regardless of what’s going on in these girls’ heads, this look is disturbing in so many ways. First of all, when I see a row of buttons on a crew neck cardigan, I expect to see a face at the top of the buttons, instead I see a neckless head of hair! It looks like the head is screwed on backwards. Talk about freaky! Then there’s the problem with the cut. Do they not understand that the front of the torso and the back of the torso have different topography? Do they not feel what is supposed to be the back of the neck hole choking the breath out of them? If it looks UGLY and feels UNCOMFORTABLE, what possessed them to wear it like this?

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Jaime said...

How does one put a cardigan on backwards? Seriously it sounds painful (and impossible).