Thursday, April 28, 2005

Are you going to school there?

… asked an acquaintance of my parents’ when we ran into him at the office of the acupuncturist that my dad is seeing. This was after my dad told him that I was back from Japan for the month.

He thinks I’m still in college! Hell, I’ve been out of grad school for almost eight years! It’s good to know that I’ve still got my youthful looks, heehee. Note to self: must pull hair into ponytail more often, and wear the magic jean jacket as much as possible. (When we were in Marrakech last year, all the merchants in the souk flocked to me with offers of “student discount” when I wore the said jacket. The next day when I left the jacket at the hotel, all such discount offers vanished.)

Whatever it was that made me look like a college student, that question by a stranger just made my day =o)


Hsin said...

Post a pix of your magic jean jacket, so that I may know what I need to look like a student. I wouldn't dare the nasty oversized sweaters and ugly barbour jacket I wore back in university.

Tea said...

Heheh...Don't you just love it when people think you look younger than you are? Now that I'm in college, I wish I looked 16 again. ^-^ Since it's exam season in Canada, most students sport haggard looks complete with pimples, dark & puffy undereye circles, and a nice new spare tire from all those studying munchies.

Lynn said...

It's just a regular jean jacket from J.Crew, but anyway, here's a somewhat blurry picture with me in my take-ten-year-off getup, minus the camera attached to my face.

Tea, funny how I left all the knowledge behind but managed to retain the pimples and the dark & puffy undereye circles. The spare tire I gained after graduating though ;oP

Hsin said...

Girlfriend, it does really take off the years!! I got a demin jacket two years back (when I was a waddling fat duck on holiday in San Francisco) but Danny hates it! I think the casual look takes many years off, but he thinks I just look scruffy in it. What's up with that? He complains I'm really looking my age but my attempt to look young gets shot down. Men.

Lynn said...

Fret not, fret not. Your miracle eye-cream has arrived in a pretty blue box. You'll have to be the guinea pig and let me know if it works.

BTW, I don't know what Danny's talking about. You look so young and are so skinny that I would've never guessed you are the mother of a one-year old.