Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to Convert Your Friends into Twilight Fans

Like I said, I’ve turned into a Twilight fan. For three weeks after I came back from New York, I lived and breathed the Twilight saga, reading the books over and over again, watching the DVD, listening to the soundtracks, and searching any Twilight related video clips on YouTube. Yeah, I know, it’s all a little bit obsessive. The worst part though, is that I don’t have many friends who’ve read Twilight, it being a teen novel and all, which made it hard to share my obsession. So, what’s a girl to do, but to try to convert all her friends into fans, just like her? And what better way to do it than to throw a Twilight-themed girls’ night complete with a screening of the movie?

Here’s what you do:

Step 1: send invitation to all your girlfriends regardless of whether they’ve read Twilight or not. After all, the goal is to have as many of your friends as possible with whom you can discuss and obsess over Twilight together, so new blood (no pun intended) is crucial.

Step 2: get your friend who owns a cooking school to send her chef to cook the “bloody” feast for you. Who can resist a gourmet meal cooked by a handsome chef? So he’s no Edward Cullen, but in real life we have to make do.

Step 3: fill your place with as much greeneries as you can so it resembles Forks, the little town the book is set in that’s perpetually green and luscious.

Step 4: conjure up the idea to make a cake that look like Edward’s meadow and reincarnate Edward and Bella in fondant, despite the fact that you’ve never made any human figurines out of fondant before and that fondant literally melts in Singapore’s heat and humidity. To quote Edward, “Mind over matters.”

Step 5: play the soundtrack and Debussy piano music to set the mood.

Step 6: details, details, details. This includes the red apple, which is on the book cover, and represent the forbidden fruit; flowers that smell good and aroma candles to simulate Bella’s floral scent; drinks that look like blood, such as sangria and watermelon juice; and last but not the least, dress up in your vampire chic best! You want to make Alice proud.

Step 7: channel Siobhan’s ability so you can will it to rain after three straight weeks of sunshine and scorching heat. It wouldn’t be Forks if it weren’t wet and gloomy!

Et Voila! You have yourself a bloody good time with friends and virtually all of them are now converts. The next time you throw a New Moon party, nobody will be going, “Aren’t vampires supposed to kill people?”


The Pink Chef said...

haha, pardon me, but I *know* exactly how you feel.. however, my friends aren't "convert-able". So sadly i'm the only 1 who's obsessed. literally obsessed with a teen flick and books tho I really shouldn't.

But..I'm giving it a shot by organising a mini twilight slumber party..soon. :)

Btw, how'd yours go?

Lynn said...

You should definitely do it! Sadly, most of my existing Twilight fan friends were out of town that weekend, so almost everyone who came have never heard of it. BUT, I converted 6 out of the 7 who were not fans, and the otehr one is going to break down and read the book any minute now =o)

It all sounds ridiculous if you just say it's a teen vampire love story. You have to really SHOW them the way. good luck with your slumber party!

The Pink Chef said...

Way to go babe!! Everyone else thinks I'm crazily obssessed with Twilight. But I hoodwinked my fiance into watching it with me tho. Tee hee. Exasperating part:he wanted to switch it off just when Edward and Bella were gonna do the dance right at the end. The *romantic* part!! *sigh..*

Lynn said...

That's already so much better than my husband. He didn't even last 15 minutes! But I do have to say though, compared to the book, the movie was pretty sketchy.

The Pink Chef said...

I agree..the books were so engaging! However, I'm still waiting eargerly for the part 2 to come out end year!!

Tae_Ki_Girl said...

I stumbled across your blog with a web search on making paneer, and then happened upon this. As an adult who is obsessed with Twilight, I both sympathize with your obsession and love the idea of your party. My friend sneakily converted me by giving me the first book for my birthday (a while before the movie came out).
I have to agree, too, with your movie assessment. The movie pales in comparison to the book.

Lynn said...

I think the book lose some audience for being marketed as an "young adult" book. To date, I don't have one friend who didn't like it after I convinced them to have an open mind and read it. They really should do away with the "teen vampire flick" when they market the movie too. It makes it sound so cheesy =o(

edith said...

My son who just turned 12 read the series at least 5 times. LOLz.

Lynn said...

Edith, good for him! I hope he picked up a few tips from Edward on how to properly treat a girl? ;o)

Adrienne Jenkins said...

Would love to include your Twilight Meadow Cake picture on this web page about the Twilight Saga Eclipse Meadow Scene. Please leave a comment in the guest book if it's OK to do so otherwise, I'll just include a link back to your Flickr page.

Quay Po Cooks said...

I don't need to, my son and me already are:D