Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Keep It Simple

A couple of months ago when we went to London, our friends whom we stayed with served us a typical French breakfast on their roof top terrace over looking the Tower Bridge. The first item on the menu was buttered toast dipped in soft-boiled eggs. Maybe it was the fabulous view, or maybe it was the crisp morning air, gooey egg yolks never tasted so good.

Last weekend, we found ourselves stuck at home because of a typhoon that was sweeping through Japan. Jason was surfing the net while flipping through a GQ magazine, and I was reading a book that had to be returned to the library soon. Suddenly he turned to me pointing at a page in the GQ in his hand, “Can we have this for lunch?” And it was the same soft-boiled egg and toast. Having just had a rather filling breakfast, this light fare seems the perfect solution. Plus the sauerkraut bread that I made during the week is turning hard and would be perfect for toast.

Ten minutes later we had ourselves a simple but sumptuous lunch of egg and toast. Who said one has to labor for hours in the kitchen to have a decent meal? Sometimes all you need is ten minutes (of course I’m not counting the hours spent making the sauerkraut bread).


Jaime said...

We called it 'soldiers' when we were growing up in England (because the bread was cut into strips like little bread soldiers I guess).

I actually thought 'soldiers' was a British thing - in fact when I served it to my French husband for the first time I had to explain the whole bread dipping procedure.

Michelle B said...

Ugly American here... my version is a poached egg on top of buttered toast. I take my knife and fork and cut it to bits, mixing the toast and egg together into deliciousness.

slurp! said...

it pretty common here (SG) to have 2 half-boiled eggs along with simple kaya (coconut jam)/butter toast for breakfast.

we would crack eggs into shallow plate provided. drizzle dark soya sauce along with white pepper. mixed them up, dip with toast or simply gulp down the gooey mixture. :)

Lynn said...

I know, there does seem to be a little bit of disagreement as to the origin of this thing.

Michelle, and slurp, doesn't matter how you eat it, as long as it's good =oD although the kaya version sounds very yummy!

offspring said...

oh my goodness, this looks so good!