Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Home is Where the Dog Is

Make that a smelly dog, for in my absence last month Jason did not bother to bathe Libby. Even though Libby is one of those dogs that don’t naturally smell (lucky us), she does like to roll in the grass whenever she gets a chance and whatever smell in the grass that appealed to her is usually foul to us human noses.

Besides a stinky dog enthusiastically welcoming me with little yelps and spinning tail, I was also greeted with piles of paperwork waiting to be taken care of, along with a yard full of weeds that crept up while I was gone. But you know what? Even the weeds at home look lovelier than the weeds elsewhere.

It’s good to be home.


Jaime said...

Welcome back!

I know what you mean about the smelly dog thing. My husband doens't bath the dog either because 'she looks so sad when I start running the tub'.

Frank said...

I can totally live with a smelly dog and a yard-full of weed in my house... though I would jump on that big pile of "paperwork" if I were you, Lynn. Among an overdue utility bill or two there might be a cut-off notice for your water service. If that happened Libby would get even "smellier"!

Lynn said...

Jamie, Libby tries to run away whenever I run the tub for her. Somehow she knows!

Frank, as it happens, our car insurance was running out and my agent at the dearlership was frantically trying to reach me, even dropping by my house (we weren't home). That's called service, huh! As far as utitily goes, they are terribly nice about it in Japan. I forgot to pay an electricity bill once and they sent someone to my house to collect it after I called them, two months later! I couldn't believe it. After that I set up auto transfer.

Karen said...

Cute Libby! I can imagine what you mean Lynn.

Like you, I haven't had much blog time recently. I peek here now and then but it's more like peek and run.

By the way, the savoury mung bean soup with chives is up.

Milan said...


Hsin said...

Welcome back, girlfriend! I'll be back myself in a few days. Can't wait. Never thought I'd miss Tokyo, but perhaps it's just the thought of not having to live out of a suitcase that I'm looking forward to. See you soon!

Anonymous said...


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Lynn said...

See you on Sunday, Hsin. Danny wants to go hiking with Sara strapped on his back. I'm looking at possible places now.

keiko said...

I missed you so much Mum... from Libby

I thought dogs like to have a bath, is that wrong?

Lynn said...

Libby loves to swim, but hates to take a bath. I think it's because she hates to get her head wet.